Writing Samples

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A Day in Cowtown

Moving to Forth Worth a year-and-a half ago was like the City Mouse exchanging places with the Country Mouse. I lived in Houston for all but the last three years, and I was accustomed to a different kind of Texas than that of someone who has lived in Fort Worth for most of their life. Houston is metropolitan and culturally diverse. There are shopping centers on every free stretch of land, numerous grocery stores, gas stations, and fast-food restaurants. Houstonians speak in many different accen

Back to Basics – A Writer’s Journey

It’s never too late to start over. The original plan after graduation was to turn my thesis back into the novel it was on the way to becoming. At the time I was working on a novel of linked stories and to comply with thesis requirements I had to choose three to present. After thesis when I began to put it back into its original format I realized I no longer liked the way it was laid out. Not only that, I had grown as a writer and my characters had matured. So basically, I started from the beginn

Must Visit Attractions in Las Colinas

The first time I saw Las Colinas was through the window of a DART train. I was a contract worker in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas and took three buses and two trains to work each day to arrive on time. Unfortunately, I hated the position and dreaded waking up at 4a.m. but the moment the train pulled into the Las Colinas station nothing else mattered. The upscale waterfront apartments, glass buildings and tram that took me over Lake Carolyn to my office made me imagine what it would be like

Golden Ticket

Imagine Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (for Writers) – the tour guide is J K Rowling and each room holds top-secret opportunities for budding writers who want jobs in writing so they can feel like real writers. That sounds crazy, I know. Stay with me.There are no tests, no assignments, no Dementors, and no need for social media prostitution. LinkedIn is diminished to “The Site That Must Be Banished” and “networking” once again becomes a way to meet people with common interests instead of blind dating for professionals where strangers stalk one another for career opportunities.

The Execution of Noa P. Singleton - Book Review

Elizabeth Silver is not just another lawyer who writes about the legal system. She is at heart a writer who just happens to have a law degree.  The Execution of Noa P. Singleton originated with her research on capital punishment while in her third year of law school. Although none of the characters or subject matter in the book derive from actual cases or persons, Silver credits her work on a clemency petition, which allowed her a glimpse into death row, for helping her find her story.